Why copper?

Well, first of all, copper has a great history of usage.
A history that dates back well over 10,000 years.

In fact, the early Egyptian and Roman civilizations used copper.
The Egyptians used it in Jewelry and the Romans used it in


Today copper is used in many areas,
such as:

-Building and con

…and even Churches.

And more.

As we said in our previous posts:
(a quick re-cap)

Powerful electrical conductor
-Easy to shape and work with
-Resistant to cor

…and is even used in jewelry electroplating.

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Okay, here is a wild fact, did you know that the
melting temperature of copper is 1976 degrees

It’s true.

Which means it clocks in at 1080 degrees Celsius,
for the Celsius equivalent.

So if melting of copper is part of your application,
then you are all set to go.


Whatever you application needs are, we are confident
that our copper shim stock is a fantastic option for
your needs.

And with popular thickness variations you can chose from.

Right here: