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Quotes from the Steel Industry

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Quote #5:

“The problem in the steel industry is not overcapacity,
it is undercapacity of imagination.”
-Henry J. Kaiser

The above quote carries a meaningful message.

It suggests that the primary challenge faced by the steel
industry is not an excess of production capacity, but
rather a lack of innovative thinking and imagination.

With the changes happening in the industry,
perhaps this quote can still hold meaning

Change is always a constant–some say, it
is the ONLY constant.

So to stay on top of change, we have to open our


Kaiser believed that the steel industry needed to move
beyond traditional methods and approaches in order
to thrive.

He recognized that simply producing more steel without
considering new applications or advancements would
not lead to sustained success. Instead, he emphasized
the importance of imagination and creativity in driving


We strive to do our part, and breakthrough the
“undercapacity of imagination”: