Arbor shims are small and thi
n wedges.
They are typically made from metal or plastic.


They are used to align and stabilize objects,
particularly in industrial and manufacturing

They are often used in conjunction with arbors,
which are devices used to hold and rotate tools
or workpieces, such as blades, cutters, or shafts.

Here are some common usages and benefits:

1. Alignment:
Arbor shims help achieve precise alignment between
two components. They can be inserted between the
arbor and the object being mounted to fine-tune the
positioning. By adjusting the thickness and placement
of the shims, you can achieve accurate alignment and
minimize any runout or wobbling.

2. Vibration damping:
Shims can act as vibration dampers, reducing the
transmission of vibrations between the arbor and
the mounted object. This is particularly important
when working with rotating components, as
excessive vibrations can affect the performance,
accuracy, and longevity of the tools or machinery.

3. Compensation for wear:
Over time, arbors and the components they hold may
experience wear or dimensional changes. Arbor shims
allow you to compensate for such wear and maintain
the desired fit and alignment. By adding or removing
shims, you can accommodate for any changes and
ensure proper functionality.

4. Customizability:
Arbor shims come in various thicknesses, sizes,
and materials, providing flexibility for different
applications. They can be easily stacked or
combined to achieve the desired thickness and
alignment requirements. The ability to customize
the shim arrangement makes them versatile and
suitable for a wide range of uses.

All around, they’re great and easy to wor
k with.


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