This is our first post on the topic of shim stock. We plan to run it for a few posts,
(maybe more–we’ll see) a few posts all about shim stock.

Hopefully it will be fun, entertaining, and of course…informative.


What is Shim Stock?

Shim stock is…
(in short)

A thin precision stock material. And custom shims, can be cut for a specific application—whatever you need.

And they come in a variety of materials. Also shim stock is a versatile material which is
easy to use. And as we said above, it can be easily cut to fit specific needs—your needs.

Shim stock also comes in a variety of thicknesses.
(For details, see the link below)

We carry:

-Brass Shim Stock
-Copper Shim Stock
-Nickel Shim Stock
-Steel Shim Stock
-Stainless Steel Shim Stock
-Aluminum Shim Stock
…and even a special “Table Shim Stock”

More to come soon.

In the meantime, have a look—you might find
exactly what you need: