For starters, Ticronic Tool Steel Wrap  is typically .002” thick, (which is the thickness we carry).
But we also carry .003 as well.

Also the .002 and .003 run in:

A. Type 309
B. Type 321

Ticronic Tool Steel Wrap is used for wrapping metal tools, dies, and other parts during high-temperature and heat-treating. This is done in order to achieve a hardened temper. For heat-treating, place the part to be heat-treated in an envelope shape, which is formed by:

1. Folding a foil sheet in half.

2. And then sealing the open ends to lock out the surrounding air.


Make sure the seal is correct. Because if the seal is not “air-tight”, excess oxygen can be drawn in, and this will cause a loss of carbon on the surface of the part. This is referred to as “decarburization”. which prevents the outer surface from obtaining the desired hardness and could potentially cause scaling on the part.

You’ve been warned.

Oh, and…

To help ensure a tight seal:

1. Make sure the foil sheet—is best when it is double the size of the part to be treated.
2. And add an extra three inches on all sides, to fold over, and crease the edges.
3. Then you can flatten it with a steam roller.


Another Warning:

(Kind of obvious, but…)

It is very important to always wear protective equipment when handling the foil. So you should wear protective
gloves –to avoid cuts from the sharp edges. And also avoid burns from the foil after heating.




This material is extremely thin, and it can be dangerous when handling. So use that protective equipment.

It’s not lame, it’s cool.

And smart.

Also, when choosing between the Type 309 or Type 321 alloys, be aware of the operating
temperature needed for heat-treating the part.

But we can’t leave you high and dry on that, right?

Exactly, that wouldn’t be acceptable.


Regarding temperatures for heating:

The Ticronic Tool Steel Wrap, specifically Type 321, this will work in temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Type 309 will work in temperatures up to 2240 degrees Fahrenheit. Which is “perfect” for applications
needing a little extra heat. 

And on that note, for all your needs regarding Ticronic Steel Tool Foil Wrap,
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