Music wire, which is also commonly called piano wire, has multiple uses.
Uses that go far beyond pianos, which the name “piano wire” would otherwise suggest.

But first…

Some important information:

Music wire has several uses that go beyond pianos, harps and dulcimers—just to name a few. The wire itself
is available in a number of thicknesses (we carry from .006 to .041). Furthermore, it is a reliable high-tensile
steel wire with a heavy carbon content.


And if you just had a thought:
“Well, of course it is, because it needs to be remarkably strong in order to
handle the constant pulling and vibrations of a piano string.”

Then you are correct.

And that is why it is a popular component with a number of other industrial uses.
So stick with us—we’ll get to those uses in a minute.

Music wire = strength.

Especially in regards to one of their uses as springs.

1. They are stronger than other types of springs.

2. All forms of high-carbon steel are stronger than stainless steel.

3. And music wire is made of high-carbon steel. This makes it exceptionally strong and durable.
Which means you can use “music wire springs” for high-stress applications. And you can do so
without the fear of them breaking.

4. Now, there are some assumptions out there that “music wire springs” can be susceptible to corrosion…

That does make sense, given that they consist of high-carbon steel and not stainless steel.


We combat that by offering a stainless steel music wire.
(And more on that in a little bit.)


If you are concerned, about corrosion for the steel music wire that we offer, you can coat
it with zinc, and it will be protected from corrosion.

So nothing to worry about there.

And now…
Some interesting applications:

Fishing Lures

The use of live bait can be a hassle. It’s not going to ruin your day, but it’s addition to the fishing process.


A good lure will replace that need for live bait. And the shiny look, as well as the ability to vibrate, music
wire will make a fantastic component and enhance the fishing lure.


Wire Cheese Slicer

Cheese slicers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Simple hand held ones with a blade, and others with a wire.
Then there is “unit” design where the handle that can be moved up and down, is attached to a cutting board.
Typically the “blade” on these units is a stretched music wire. Which makes for a fantastic tool for cutting
and slicing cheese into various thicknesses. All done in an “easy to use” way. And these units beat the knife
or any other similar type of tool, given that a blade can cause the cheese to compress or fold-up when being sliced.



Because its ability to provide flexibility and strength, along with being able to shape with ease, music wire is
used in knitting and other creative crafting hobbies. But it also is widely used in hobbies like model railroading.
And mus
ic wire can also be found in the use of remote control cars, boats, planes. Music wire even gets used in
school projects, because of its ability to cut, paint, bend, coil…and more.


Making Jewelry

We just said above that music wire gets used n school projects, because of its ability to cut,
paint, bend, coil…and more.


This of course applies to jewelry making as well. Music wire allows for a durable wire to be
shaped in a wrapped look that is often seen in earrings, rings, and bracelets.


Carving Tools

Music wire, as a thin and resilient tool can be used in wood carving. Whether it is used on a lathe
or some other carving tool, the music wire provides the ability to do high-precision carving and
shaping of soft wood and other similar materials.


Since we mentioned some details about springs above, here are some “note-worthy”


We said before that music wire needs to be able to handle excessive tension and stress in a
resilient manner. Therefore, even after repeated and extensive use, good piano wires will
keep their elasticity–and in doing so–preserve the sound quality.


When that level strength is kept, it means that music wire can be used as a great raw material for
the use of small springs. Small springs which can be used in medical devices, ball point pens,
electronic devices, tools…and more.


Whatever your need or application is, we can help you out in a range of thicknesses from “ .006 to .041 ”.
In addition to that, we have two types to assist your needs:

1. 1080-1085 steel
2. Stainless Steel 302 Spring Temper


You can find it here: