This is our second post in our ongoing series about shim stock.
We hope to bring it to you in a fun, entertaining and informative manner.

First off, depending on the grade that you are considering for your application,
stainless steel can offer many wonderful benefits.

Here are some examples:


1. Easy fabrication

That’s right, “easy fabrication”– because stainless steel is quite compatible with a significant
range of fabrication services.

These include, but are not limited to:

-laser cutting
-waterjet cutting
-CNC machining

Easy to clean and keep clean.
(And it is also easy to sterilize too.)

Stainless steel can withstand frequent cleaning and sterilization without tarnishing. And for
industries such as food or medical, where strict cleanliness standards are maintained,
stainless steel is “simply great” for applications.


3. It just looks fantastic!

Stainless steel has an aesthetic appeal to it. Given the bright surface finish, stainless steel looks
beautiful. Also, it can be polished to achieve desired finishes after fabrication.

So you can count on it looking great.


4. Sustainability


Sustainability because it is100% recyclable. Stainless steel can withstand the process of being
continuously recycled. This is great of course as a money and resources saving option. In fact,
statistics say that more than 50% of new stainless steel components are made of
re-melted scrap parts.



5. The High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

The “High Strength-to-Weight Ratio”:
Austenitic stainless steel grades that are cold worked, these result in increased
strength, while maintaining reduced material thickness in comparison to other

Click here for details on “cold worked” and “austenitic stainless steel”


6. Service life

Stainless steel has a long service life. This is due to the “corrosion resistance”, and
that stainless steel is more durable than other shim materials.


It’s safe to say that:
Stainless steel is the preferred choice in applications requiring a long service life.


7. Perhaps the most important…

Extraordinary Corrosion Resistance:
Stainless steel shims are perfect for industrial applications, because they are highly resistant to
corrosion. This is not only in oxygenated environments, but also in non-oxygenated environments,
because of their high chromium content.


When considering your application needs,
stainless steel shim stock may be a perfect
solution for you.


Flat packs: