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Some people use gravity to drain the brake lines. The problem with
doing it this way is that does not always get all the “old brake fluid”
out of the system.


Brake fluid is “Hydroscopic”–meaning it absorbs water.

Which is of course…BAD.


Water adds to making the brake system not work efficiently.

Which means that…

All brake fluid should be removed and replaced when serviced
for this reason.


The “Power” of using a vacuum system brake bleeder.

Top QualityNot the cheap $50 kind where an essential
O-Ring fails after a short time of usage.

And, the “How To”…


1. You can open the top of the brake master cylinder, under
the hood of the car.

2. Then you can suck the fluid thru the system by attaching
the vacuum brake bleeder to bleeder fitting associated with
the the brake caliper on the wheel of the car.

3. After old fluid is all sucked out the line—the master
cylinder should also be empty.

4. You then refill master cylinder with new fluid and suck
it through the system.

5. It will come out the bleeder fitting.


Add more brake fluid as needed, to the top of master cylinder.

And then…

You can put the cover on the master cylinder–and drive away.

And go about your day.




Keeping your vehicle brake system in top condition—by
using a vacuum system brake bleeder.


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