OSHA stands for:
“Occupational Safety and Health Administration”

And the “OSHA PSI 30 Test Gauge” …

It is a type of pressure gauge used in the workplace to measure
air pressure in pneumatic tools and machinery.


This type of gauge is specifically designed to comply with
OSHA regulations, which require certain safety standards
for industrial environments.

The “OSHA PSI 30 Test Gauges” are used to make sure that the air pressure
in pneumatic tools and machinery is within safe limits. The reason being
is that over-pressurization can cause equipment failure and create a hazard
for workers.

On the flip-side…

Under-pressurization can result in poor tool
performance, which can lead to reduced productivity. By regularly
monitoring air pressure with an “OSHA PSI 30 Test Gauge”,
accidents and injuries in the workplace can help be prevented.

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