The power of the new FLATPAK
Coiled metal in a cardboard box


As you can see from the above picture, the picture clearly
highlights the comparison of our new FLATPAK and the
same product in our old cardboard boxes.

The saving in cubic feet speaks for itself.

Using FLATPAK we all save money in storage
and shipping.


It’s a WIN-WIN


The product is flatter with less coil set—which means…

It’s easier to and safer to unpack.

Some other notable features:

We have changed the length of the FLATPAK to 46” because by
keeping the finished package less than 48”, we qualify for
significantly lower freight rates than if it were over 48”.


There is no additional charge to you to get your thick shim
in our new FLATPAK.

We will be making FLATPAK available for all our metal shim
stock in thickness .012” to .031”.

In the meantime, it is available in thickness .015 to .031.



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