Shim stock (also known as shim material) is a thin material
used in various industries, including aerospace.

That’s right, even in aerospace.

It is used to adjust the alignment or clearance between
two components.

For example:
In airplanes, shim stock plays a crucial role in ensuring precise
fits, maintaining tolerances, and balancing parts during
assembly and maintenance.

Here are 7 examples of how shim stock is used in airplanes:

1. Alignment and Adjustment:
Aircraft components need to be aligned correctly to ensure
proper functioning and safety. Sometimes, there might be
small gaps or uneven surfaces between parts that need to
be filled or adjusted. Shim stock is used in such cases to
fine-tune the alignment and achieve the required fit.

2. Clearance Control:
In certain areas of the aircraft, maintaining specific clearances
between components is crucial. For example, ensuring proper
clearance between moving parts in control surfaces or engine
components is vital for safe operation. Shim stock is used to
adjust these clearances as needed.

3. Balancing:
Aircraft parts, especially rotating components like propellers
or turbines, need to be balanced to avoid vibrations and
ensure smooth operation. Shim stock is used to add or remove
small amounts of material to balance these components

4. Stress Distribution:
In areas where stress concentration is a concern, shims can
help to distribute loads and stresses more evenly across
mating surfaces, reducing the risk of fatigue or failure.

5. Repairs and Maintenance:
During repairs or maintenance, shim stock can be used to
compensate for wear and tear, corrosion, or damage to
critical parts. It allows technicians to restore the original
tolerances and ensure proper functionality.

6. Aerodynamics:
In some cases, shim stock can be strategically applied to
improve the aerodynamics of certain components or
reduce drag.

7. Composite Bonding:
In aircraft construction, shim stock may be used as an
interface material in composite bonding processes to
facilitate proper adhesion and ensure a smooth surface


Shim stock plays a critical role in maintaining the precision and performance
of aircraft components. And in helping to ensure safe and efficient flight

Whatever your needs are, we are confident our shim stock
can get the job done: