Pneumatic industrial air guns have several uses.

In fact…

They are commonly used in various industries for
several different purposes.

Such as:

-and even cooling

Let’s take a look at these and
other uses in greater detail:

1. Cleaning:
Pneumatic air guns are commonly used to clean
industrial equipment and machinery. They can
be used to blow away dirt, dust, and debris from
hard-to-reach areas.

2. Drying:
Pneumatic air guns can be used to dry surfaces
and remove moisture from parts and components.

3. Cooling:
Pneumatic air guns can be used to blow cool air
onto hot surfaces, such as molds, to speed up
cooling times and prevent damage to equipment.

4. Painting:
Pneumatic air guns can be used for
painting applications, such as spray
painting or touch-up work.

5. Welding:

Pneumatic air guns can be used for welding
applications, such as blowing away debris
and cleaning surfaces before welding.

6. Packaging:
Pneumatic air guns can be used to blow away dust
and debris from packaging materials before
they are used.

7. Automotive:
Pneumatic air guns are often used in automotive
repair and maintenance for cleaning and drying
parts, as well as for inflating tires and
other components.

No matter what application you need the air gun for, it
still needs to be OSHA Compliant.


We have already cleared that hurdle for you.
And, more on that…

ost air guns are not OSHA compliant.

Some may have built in a mechanical add on
that reduces air pressure at the tip of the gun
so that air gun does not exceed 30 psi, at the
tip, when in operation.

However, it is best to measure the dead end
pressure ( max 30 psi) AND the incoming air
pressure. Even with a mechanical add on many
guns with an incoming air pressure above 30
psi may fail the OSHA test!

By lowering the incoming pressure you can make
most guns test at or below 30 psi.

The best way to be sure your operation is
OSHA compliant is to have and use a test gage
to measure and record the incoming air pressure
that gives you a max 30 psi end tip pressure
on your tools.


You can go ahead and start using the pneumatic air gun
for any and all of your desired applications.


If you need an OSHA Test Gage, you
can find that here:


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