Fantastic Uses For Maui Mounts…

Maui Mount (wall mounts) are a useful accessory for any
office—(or even a home). They are designed to securely
attach objects to walls, this frees up floor space and helps
create a more organized and functional environment.


Here are some key points that make
Maui Mounts unique:

1. Very Strong:
Made from stainless steel.
And an anodized aluminum

2. Unique Construction:
Works with a simple turn of the adjustment–
with no more
than “hand tighten”
–locks the mechanism securely.

Simply set it and forget it!

Used By Many Delivery Services:
Used to hold tablet or display screen in “on the road” vehicles,
Normally, bumps and vibrations may cause “other” mounts
to become loose.


Not the Maui Mount
well worth the affordable price.


And of course…

Maui Mounts (wall mounts) can handle the more
basic needs too:

1. TV and Monitor Mounts:
Maui Mounts are perfect for mounting TVs and monitors to the wall.
This is especially useful for saving space in small rooms, creating
a more comfortable viewing angle, and reducing clutter.

2. Shelves and Storage:
Maui Mounts are great for creating additional storage space.
They can be used to mount shelves, cabinets, and other
storage units to the wall, providing extra space for books,
files, and other items.

3. Decorative Mounts:
Maui Mounts can also be used to display decorative items such
as artwork, picture frames, and mirrors. By mounting these
items on the wall, they can be easily seen and admired without
taking up valuable floor or table space.

(Even in the office)

Fun Stuff!

Office Equipment:
Maui Mounts can be used to mount office equipment such as printers,
scanners, and computer monitors. This not only saves space but also
helps to keep cords and cables organized.


Most Importantly


The above possible uses are great.

But, when you NEED…




And Sturdy–even in “on the road” vehicles…

Then you NEED “Maui Mounts”

For more specifics on Maui Mounts:


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