Did you know there are many amazing facts about copper?

Really, there are.
Quite a bunch actually.

More on that in a bit.

Copper has many uses and applications.

Some of which are applications in:

-electrical wiring
-and even industrial machinery

Pretty cool, right?

But wait…

Because here’s the “Ka-Boom” part to
this—for a lot of the applications
copper is actually used in it’s pure form.


But, the fun doesn’t stop there, because
copper can also be alloyed with other
metals—this is of course when increased
levels of hardness are needed.


Some fun facts—as we promised

1. Copper is used in art.

In fact, copper-based pigments were an important part (ingredient) in
ancient paintings. Even the metal itself was often used as a “canvas”
on which artists of the Renaissance period painted on.

2. In the United States, “The Statue of Liberty” is made of 179,000
pounds of copper.



3. The average car has about 50 pounds of copper.
About 40 pounds for electrical use, and another
10 pounds for non-electrical use.

Okay, That’s all we have for now.
More on copper coming soon.

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