First, let’s look at how brass is created.

Brass is an alloy of copper, so it’s base is copper.
Brass is therefore made by adding amounts of zinc
to the copper.

The Zinc itself increases the “ductility”
(the ability to deform without damage),
which is an important component in engineering,
as well as manufacturing.

Zinc also strengthens the copper,
and changes the tone of the color
of the original copper—a lighter color.

So why is brass great?

Good question.

Brass is great because:

1. Although it only retains about 28% of the conductivity
that copper has-and in some cases much less, it
is still spark resistant.

2. Like copper, it is malleable—easy to shape and work with.

3. In continuing with the above “point 2”, brass is a softer metal,
which means it has a low friction rate. So again, this quality helps
make it more spark resistant.

4. Brass also has a corrosion-resistant quality.
This makes brass ideal for piping in the boating
and marine industry. Brass has even shown
resistance against other fluids—such as:


Brass truly has a strong resistance quality.

5. Brass is recyclable. Again, it is copper based,
and it doesn’t lose it’s chemical qualities in the
recycling process.

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