There are many benefits to buying “Odd Lot”
surplus materials.

Odd lot surplus materials are typically in smaller quantities
of surplus or excess inventory.


They can offer several benefits for businesses
and DIY individuals.

Here are 5 worth considering:

1. Cost Savings:
Odd lot surplus materials are often sold at a significant
discount compared to their regular market price. This
can result in substantial cost savings for businesses looking
to reduce expenses on materials or individuals seeking
cost-effective options for personal projects.

2. Reduced Waste:
Purchasing odd lot surplus materials helps reduce waste
by utilizing excess inventory that might otherwise be
discarded. This aligns with sustainability goals and
reduces the environmental impact associated with
material disposal.

3. Availability of Unique or Hard-to-Find Items:
Surplus lots may include discontinued or rare materials
that are no longer in production. This can be
advantageous for businesses or individuals looking
for specific materials that are otherwise challenging
to source.

4. Flexibility in Inventory Management:
Smaller quantities of surplus materials allow
businesses to maintain leaner inventories,
freeing up capital that might otherwise be tied
up in excess stock. This flexibility can improve
cash flow and overall financial health.

5. Opportunity for Experimentation:

Odd lot surplus materials provide an opportunity for
individuals to experiment with new materials,
techniques, or designs without a significant financial
commitment. This can be especially useful for hobbyists
or DIY enthusiasts.


We have two sizes of “Odd Lot”
surplus Tool Steel Foil Wrap.

Odd Lot Type 309:


Odd Lot Type 321: