LED-9630G 150 WATT Commercial LED Grow Light Fixture

LED-9630G 150 WATT Commercial LED Grow Light Fixture

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150 watt Grow Light Fixture is UL listed for wet locations and meets the ingress protection requirements of IP65. This fixture can be used in a wide variety of applications and environments.

Several of the benefits of this fixture include:

  • Light Spectrum is efficiently absorbed by plants
  • Save money on maintenance and electricity
  • UL listed for wet location
  • Long lasting 50,000 hour expected LED life
  • Cool running so light can be mounted close to plants
  • Applications:
    This lamp can be used as a primary or supplemental light source for almost any type of indoor or greenhouse growing. The light output has a very wide angle. It will provide the greatest benefit when mounted relatively close to the plants.

    Installing surge/lightning protectors is highly recommended to eliminate premature failure caused by surges and other power fluctuations
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Technical Specifications






Aluminum / Glass

Input Voltage

120-277 VAC

Power Consumption

150 Watts

Power Factor

> 95

PAR Output (Center)

12 inches

518 ‘_mol/m2/s

24 inches

142 ‘_mol/m2/s

36 inches

70 ‘_mol/m2/s

LED Colors

Red, White, Blue

Coverage area

up to 4' by 4'



Beam Angle


Rated LED Life

50,000 hours



8 inches


16.5 inches

Mercury/Lead content



5 year limited