Privacy Policy


*Our policy is to ship most of our orders above $75 free. We are able to do so with a high percentage of our orders. However, we cannot offer free shipping on orders that are low list priced and/or high cube size or heavy gross weight. Also orders shipped outside the continental US, shipped via common carrier, or priced at a discount from our published pricing do not qualify for free shipping.

We have indicated most of the item we sell as not qualifying for free freight in their product description or at check out. We reserve the right to contact you before shipping your order to advise you that your particular order does not qualify for free shipping. If your order does not qualify for free freight we will charge only published pricing for your order. We do not charge shipping and handling fees. All charges pertaining to your order will specifically identified. We do not use shipping charges as a profit center.

A partial list of Shop products that may not qualify for free shopping follows:

  • Oversize or over weight UPS, USPS, or FedEx
  • Most shim stock over .009” and 12” or wider.
  • Steel key stock.
  • Steel music wire.
  • Tool steel foil wrap shipped by common carrier
  • Drill and threaded rod.